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Electronics Fair|Resistors - Passive Electronic Components


Resistor, the most used device on the circuit board is the resistor. Resistor working principle, classification and market pattern marching a brief description.

1. Electronic exhibition about resistance profile

Resistance (Resistance) is a physical quantity, in physics, the size of the conductor on the role of current obstruction. The greater the resistance value of the conductor, the conductor of the current blocking effect is greater, and vice versa, the smaller. With a certain resistance value, geometry, performance parameters, in the circuit plays a role in the resistance of the physical components called resistors, usually referred to as resistors.

2. Electronic exhibition about the working principle of resistance

Made of resistive material can play a role in the circuit to limit the current through the element, which is characterized by the circuit to achieve the conversion of electrical energy to thermal energy, the current through the resistor will produce heat, so the resistor can be used as a consumable electric heating element.

The resistance value of the resistive element is related to the material, temperature, length and cross-section, the length is positively correlated with the resistance value, the cross-section is negatively correlated with the resistance value, and the length and cross-section are unchanged when the resistance value of different materials is different. For most conductors, the higher the temperature, the greater the resistance value, such as metal; for a small number of conductors, the higher the temperature, the smaller the resistance value, such as carbon.

Resistor connected to the circuit, can limit the size of the current through the branch connected to it, the main role of the resistor is to regulate and stabilize the current and voltage, can be used as a shunt, voltage divider, or as a circuit to match the load. From the signal point of view, AC and DC can be through the resistor.

3. Electronic exhibition about the classification of resistance

According to the resistance value can change, divided into fixed resistors, variable resistors and sensitive resistors.

Fixed resistors can be divided into axial leaded resistors (also divided into carbon film resistors, metal film resistors, carbon synthesized resistors and wirewound resistors), chip resistors (also divided into thick film resistors, thin film resistors, and thin metal resistors) according to the different packaging methods. Variable resistors can be subdivided into potentiometers, varistors and trimmers. Sensitive resistors, also known as special resistors, are usually used as sensors and can be categorized into heat-sensitive resistors, light-sensitive resistors, force-sensitive resistors, moisture-sensitive resistors, pressure-sensitive resistors, and gas-sensitive resistors.

4. Electronics Exhibition on the downstream application of resistors

In home appliances, consumer electronics, automotive electronics, industrial control, communications and other areas of application, such as compressors, industrial power supply, LCD screen, audio, LED, automotive control units, communication base station control units. General type of consumer market applications market into maturity, the automotive market shows excellent growth, the overall long-term demand for chip resistors show solid growth.

5. Electronic Exhibition on the competitive landscape of resistors

Currently the global chip resistor industry is dominated by the United States, Japan and Taiwan, China; of which the United States and Japan are in a leading position technologically, the main development of thin-film path; Taiwan, China is technologically backward to the United States and Japan manufacturers, but has the advantage of the scale of production, to the National Giant, Huaxinke and Hou Sheng and other manufacturers as a representative. Among them, KOKUYO for the world's largest production capacity of chip resistor manufacturers. By 2025, the global fixed resistance market size is expected to exceed 30 billion yuan, with a compound annual growth rate of 7.2%.

Electronic exhibition editorial, with precision instruments, medical, energy storage, EV and other markets continue to grow rapidly, high precision, high voltage, high energy and high current four performance is the key point of high-end resistors can stand firm in the market, many resistor manufacturers will undoubtedly accelerate the R & D and breakthroughs in the direction of the technology.

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